My Practice & Approach

The areas that I have come to specialize in stem from both personal experiences and professional clinical training which allows me to be the most effective in helping you to overcome the specific issues that you are currently facing. My theoretical orientation is a blend of the following: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic, Expressive Arts, Solution-Focused techniques, and Sensorimotor based trauma work.

In my work with clients, I create a safe, respectful, collaborative, and supportive environment that facilitates positive changes and assist you in yielding the results you are seeking in your life. I have a strengths perspective with an emphasis on a holistic approach to helping an individual utilize his or her internal and external resources. I am committed to providing the highest quality of therapy services that supports a person in his or her emotional/psychological growth and personal goals. There are solutions but sometimes we need the help of a trained person to access that pathway.

As my approach takes into account the whole person, I attend to the spiritual aspects of an individual. An integration of one’s faith or spirituality is often a vital part of one’s mental health. I value caring for the soul in ways that support meaning and sacredness in everyday life. My own faith background informs my work leading to a deep belief in the inherent worth of every individual and the power of grace.

Services Offered

Individual Psychotherapy for adults and adolescents
Expressive Arts Sessions
Supervision for MSW Interns (ASW’s)
3-Session package for Therapists/Interns who need guidance to launch a Private Practice

Areas of Specialty

Addiction & Recovery; 12 Step Work (including AA, ACA & Codependency)
Depression & Anxiety
Childhood Emotional Trauma
Relationship problems
Grief & Loss (including pet loss)
Adoption related issues
Life Transitions

The Therapy Process

In working with an individual dealing with emotional pain/trauma, depression, anxiety, or relationship problems I draw upon a 4-part healing process:

Stabilization and Safety:
The first step is focused on stabilization and safety concerns so that the optimal level of functioning can be maintained.

Release of Emotional Pain:
The second step has to do with the release of the emotional pain associated with trauma and attachment wounds. This is done in the context of a safe environment where there is close attention to the level of dysregulation. There is a coming to terms with the reality of one’s experience. There is also some exploration of the past in order to understand the present. This allows one to be more emotionally conscious and release ‘old survival’ skills that were adaptive at one point but are no longer.

Transform Negative Thinking:
The third aspect of the work involves transforming negative or unhealthy thinking. Automatic thoughts and core beliefs often get formed and established early in life and can be distorted and negative due to various childhood messages or experiences. This part of the work involves establishing a new mind-set that is more empowering and affirming toward oneself.

Develop New Skills & Behaviors:
Last, there is the acquisition of new skills and behaviors. There are skills and behaviors that can be developed that bring increased healing and freedom to one’s life. As I have a holistic approach, there are physical, emotional, cognitive, relational, and spiritual resources which may be drawn upon to build a new tool set.

While this process isn’t exactly linear in the therapy work, it does guide the overall trajectory. The goal being for you to find greater fulfillment and satisfaction in your life and be free of that which hinders your overall well-being.

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